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So what are the best cameras for video blogging and daily vlogs? I want to compare some of the most popular options out there and hopefully help you decide what's best for you hey what's up Sean here with think media tv helping you move further and faster with media and today I just want to talk about some of the most popular vlogging cameras and maybe help you decide which one is best for you and you know when it comes with vlogging cameras you might feel like a mosquito at a nudist colony it's a little bit overwhelming but seriously picking out the right camera can be super stressful and so I wanted to talk about some of the things that I look forward when it comes to a great camera for daily vlogs and video blogging and hey by the way I'll put extra show notes and links in the YouTube description below and a lot of times ill think of extra bonus notes and ideas later so make sure to check those out at anytime during this video here are just four things to consider that I think are very important when you are comparing camera to camera number one portability of course when it comes to a vlogging camera you want it to be portable hopefully it will fit in your purse hopefully it can fit in your pocket. 

And as a little discovered that sometimes cameras are portable but they are getting a little more bulky they are a little bit heavier so maybe ask yourself this question how portable and what is the form factor of it is it going to be conducive to vlogging all the time with the camera number two IS but what is IS Im glad you asked IS equals Image Stabilization this is one of the most important things in my opinion when it comes to picking out a good vlog camera some cameras don't have it some have it and it's not that good but how good is your image stabilization on your camera when you are out with your selfie stick and your hand held footage you want image stabilization number three how good is the camera in low light when you are shooting vlogs you are going to shoot them in the morning in the middle of the day at night in good lighting situations bad lighting situations and so you want a camera that is as good as possible when it comes to low light situations. 

Which is were most cameras start to under perform so ask that question when you are comparing them number four when it comes to vlogging is not just about the video its also about the audio hearing what you are saying picking up ambient noise things like that so ask your self when you are comparing cameras how good is the audio and lastly number five what is the ease of work flow and what I mean is when it comes to shooting the video how are you gonna get the file edited or what are you gonna do with it so when you shoot on some mobile phone on less you edit on the mobile phone it might be hard to retrieve that footage and then edit it and so that becomes a challenging work flow some cameras defile format of the video doesnt edit as good as others so consider the work flow all the way from shooting your vlog to taking your sd card out to putting it in your laptop to editing it just where is the ease of work flow and I feel like that is a very important consideration so now that we have the important things to consider let's jump into reviewing some of the most popular and best options on video vlogging when it comes to cameras.

Ao the first camera I would recommend for video blogging is your smartphone why because you already have it don't let gear trip you up if you already have a smartphone you can already be shooting video today editing videos today and uploading them today with what you have and a lot of times we want to get fancy gear before we've even gotten started I encourage start with whatever you have ad start making videos but there are some downsides to a lot of smartphones and specifically this is an iPhone 6 it is a great camera video camera but one of the biggest issues that I have with it is that it does not have image stabilization and what that creates it's it creates what I call jitter and so will show some example footage but when you hold the camera out hand held which is the case of most vlogging it doesn't have a smoothness to it and that is what image stabilization produces the iPhone 6 plus has image stabilization and maybe a driod or windows phone or whatever you have it might have a build in but that makes footage in my opinion kind of hard to watch that jitter is not pleasant one thing to note is that usually.

The selfie camera on your smartphone in this case the IPhone 6 is not quite as goo as the other cameras and that's usually the camera that you are gonna vlog with and that quality of the footage as you can see also goes down also Im in a lower light type of a situation here and you can notice the grain is introduce and the quality of the footage is hindered a little bit in a low light situations also the workflow of getting your footage off your phone can be a little frustrating I happen to be on PCs and I use iPhone but I don't use a mac laptop so getting the footage off is a bit of a challenge and having to worry about the storage on your phone having to have some of those things and so if is all you have I encourage you to get started and you don't actually need a laptop you can just download an app to edit your videos and your vlogs right on your smartphone but there are in my opinion better options by having a more dedicated camera and so let's jump in to the next option another popular camera for video vlogging is the go pro now this is an older go pro the hero 2 and there's lots of different models and honestly you can get started with any of them one of the great things about it is of course is very portable it can fit in small places the camera actually has pretty good audio super wide angle.

I know im in it have to be in it And it's a great option for shooting daily vlogs and videos however there are a few down sides and when vlogging with a go pro because of the nature of the really fish eye lens the go pro is very fish eye as a lens its not really good for anything other than close up shoots of you talking to the camera you can film a city or a skyline and zoom in you can sometimes crop the scene a little bit but there isn't really any options of storytelling beyond taking directly to the camera and getting those really wide shots and if you don't have the LCD attachment you can never really see what you are doing so it is what you have it's a good option but there are definitely a down sides and go pros do not have image stabilization the newer models might eventually be adding it in one sense is not necessarily that necessary because the lens is so wide so you can kinda get away with not having it but for me that smooth filming is super important and go pro definitely has some jitter here is the go pro in the low light some of the things that you might need to do if you have a go pro is a lot of the people that use it for vlogging they add some accessories and so they add the frame piece that goes around it they add kind of like a selfie stick and some of those things can really help vlogging with a go pro and so if that's an option that you are looking into that or you already have is something to get started with but it's not what I would recommend for vlogging. 

if you were looking for a camera starting from scratch the third camera I would recommend it's called the Canon ELPH 110 HS and I believe this is the best budget option even today for video vlogging love the 110 HS nice 24 mm lens good IS kinda has a smoothness when filming it and it's powerful I've use this a tone lots of prominent youtubers and different people continue to use this camera and still use it and you can pick this up for under a 100 dollars now used in amazon and there are two options that I want you to look for look for the canon 110 HS or the canon 300 HS and both of those are phenomenal cameras for vlogging all of our standards for measurements it's nice and light it's very portable it's build like a rock you can really trash this and let them you know bounce around in your purse it has phenomenal image stabilization its got a great 24 mm lens so it's nice and wide so it gives a good shot when you are holding the camera on yourself 110 HS in low light it's got good zoom for telling stories zooming in and shooting and maybe doing other things creatively in your vlog And its just an all around great camera one of the only downsides is the audio is quite good on the camera but the mic is just a little hole on the top and so it you accidently cover it with your finger Your audio will get messed up And so again.

If you are thinking about just getting into creating youtube videos and creating vlogs I would really recommend looking into getting one of this cameras specifically some of them are discontinued but you can find them used on amazon seriously for super cheap so you can shop around shop different colors and sometimes you can find a discount if it's the red body or the black or the blue or different things get an extra battery and something if you are going to be shooting for a long time during the day but this is still a phenomenal option for video blogging the fourth recommendation that I have for you is called the canon s120 this might be my ultimate pick out of all of these when it comes to best price for performance for features all combined if you can spend a little bit more that you would on something else here but not go all out and have to spend a tone of money this is the camera to get the canon S120 one of the most walk solid beautiful photos beautiful video great for vlogging 24 mm lens so it's nice and wide good zoom but these cameras Over here the iPhone the go pro the ELF 110 none of these do very good in low light once you get into this camera you're stating to get into very good low light performance here's a low light example of the canon S120.

This camera is build like a rock it's a pretty much indestructible and it's a great work force to create constant YouTube videos and vlogs consistently this is the camera that as of shooting this video my good friends itsjudytime and benjimantv use they've got two of these and it consistently just great awesome looking footage for her daily vlogs now you can pick one of these for like 350 new and you could shop it down to probably about 250 use and so really a great value and another recommendation is actually the drop down one model from this go to the canon powershot s110 my good friend Mike Folden shoots his vlogs which are incredible. 

By the way I'll link this up on the description by the way actually shoots with a powershot s110 and it looks amazing and so if you were thinking about even saving a little bit on price and you can go up from the about 80 bucks that you can get this to about a 180 and pick up a canon powershot s110 so if you want to save a little bit of money still get a lot of performance check out the canon S110 or the incredible s120 and lastly my fifth recommendation is probably the hottest camera that everybody's raving about right now and that is the canon G7X lots of youtubers have been jumping in using the G7X specially for professional shooting but also just for vlogs and daily vlogs and it's understandable why it's got all of the power of the S120 and even better better in low light better video incredible looking photos incredible features and as one thing that none of these other camera has and that is the flip up screen and so really when it comes to vlogging that's something that really can change the game because now you can frame the shot and you can film yourself with that however I don't however I don't thing that's a deal breaker.

I think that plenty of people have been creating awesome videos for a long time you know without the flip up screen touch screen autofocus nice image stabilization here's the Canon G7X in the same low light situation and the challenge with the G7X is that it's kinda out of reach for some people financially these guys run for I think about 650 dollars new at the time of shooting this video and you can probably get it for around 500 used like new or refurbished though this is definitely an option and maybe its one of the cameras that you've been considering but the camera is definitely not build as thought as the canon s120 is a little more fragile and its just not quite as rock solid as this camera which is also something you want it to be cause you want to protect your investment and to be honest it is a little big it is a little bulky it's heavier it's quite a bit larger than the canon S120 and so when it comes to carrying it around all day it's just not as pleasant but saying all that the G7X is incredible is still a camera that I absolutely love it's producing phenomenal videos for people the audio sounds good the video looks good it does just astounding in low light it is a great camera for you to consider thanks so much for checking this video which of this cameras do you think is the best out of these five or is there a blogging camera that you would recommend I definitely wanna hear your feedback and thoughts in the comments below and then also remember to check out show notes in the description I'll break down everything that we talked about bonus details tips and things that I forgot check those out and then make sure to subscribe to think media tv for more videos like this gear reviews and media tips to help you go further faster in media thanks so much for checking out the video keep crushing it and we will talk soon cameras for days follow the white ball 5 bucks to the person that can keep the white ball what are we even doing making history call us the bird chasers the myth busters of birds.  canon camera and video