Best canon camera for beginners

My guys Rick Davis here again from learn TV production not called today wanna talk about the best DSLR camera for beginners the DSL marketplace's absolutely swamped with the models days in today's video I'm gonna show you for a the better DSL models to choose from if you're a beginner just starting out or maybe you're stepping up from an all in one digital pocket Cameron you want a bit more to work with the models and gonna look at today are all very reputable brand names we've got Canon Nikon Pentax and Sony.

Okay first up let's look at the cannon Yas Rebel t3 the Yas brandis a long history it's been around for over 25 years with the digital version about half as old the rebel t3 will work well under low light conditions it's got an ISO rating Nick goes from one hundred up to 6400 now the ISO rating is really something that's carried over from the film days the lower number the more sensitive your film would be to the image you shooting or in other words its always better to shoot at but say 100 I S L than 1,000 I S L if you have enough light to do so almost all cameras now a days or just for this automatically however you should be warned that just because a camera can shoot under very low light conditions it doesn't mean that you're gonna be provided with an image that has a lot to detail and the sensors are much much better than they used to be but for me I always prefer to shoot with more light then less I did you find her on this cannon is 2.7 inches when it's measured diagonally across the screen now not the biggest but still planning your screen to view when you're shooting video now the Canon Rebel t3 does not have the largest sensor this comparison group it'll record up to 12 megapixels the Nikon am about to tell you about records up to 24 May apec's however over the years I've shot more professional video on a Canon DSLR than any other brand.  canon camera and video

I've never been disappointed I'm a big fan at the Canada Line Nikon is another quality brand out in the marketplace the entry level DSLR that I'm putting into this comparison group is the Nikon d 3200 as to the other cameras this can camera shoot stills as well as video one very nice feature the DT 200 has is a you can shoot stereo sound with it and the camera comes with a built-in microphone that records in mono only but you can add your own stereo mic through many plight import to record stereo audio at the camera records HD video up to 10 ATP and many in the market will only go up to 10 ATI this is a bit a marketing hype however kazakh I would defy most viewers to be able to discern the difference between 10 ATI and 1080 P at the eye is for Interlachen P is for progressive scan in case you're wondering but that's for another video i digress. here and as mentioned earlier that the Nikon has a very large sensor within the camera body recording up to 24 megapixels it also comes with the largest monitor tied with the with the Pentax which is at three inches in size sony's entry into this comparison group is this Sony out there a 58 this scammer will record still images with the sensor that's quite large it weighs in at twenty .1 megapixels.

Sony also boast video recording up to 1080 sixty I recording in ABC HD this is the only camera in the group to use ABC HD is a format that's Sony on developed with Panasonic and it's known as advanced video coding high death the Alpha a 58 has a 2.7 inch monitor on the back for monitoring now Sony on they use lenses manufactured by other companies they didn't do their own out the 858 has a Minolta Konica glass out front sony's been around for years and is better known in that video market and the photography market I've spent far more time using Sony product simply because I work primarily in the video production industry but they've made strong inroads into the consumer DSLR field and they do produce a reliable product the final camera we're gonna look at is from Pentax take a five hundred it's a solid camera but does leg ever. 

So slightly in image quality this camera's sensor falls in between the Canon and Nikon models the Pentax k-5 100 has a 16-megapixel sensor video capturing is very impressive ill record I in full 1080 p HD video at 30 frames per second or you can do 720 P if you wanna record at 60 frames per second this may sound like a nice option to have but in reality as I said earlier it's more marketing and anything else sometimes I feel it's best issue at a slightly lower resolution just to ensure you'll get more recording time are the record median you've got all the cameras in our comparison group use on St SDHC or SDXC storage cards I did that have a soft spot for Pentax products as my first SLR camera was the Pentax k1000 but I'm dating myself a little here it was an extremely reliable camera at the time in the final analysis none of these choices are gonna lead you astray they're all very good models sold by Saul in companies that have good long track records I have my biases as you've heard in this video but I've used three at the four companies products and I have never been disappointed like with anything once you get your hands on the model and spend some time shooting with that it'll become second nature to you and your skills as a photographer videographer will grow rapidly happy shooting I hope you found this video helpful if you did please don't forget to give me a like down below and also to subscribe to my channel so I can share additional videos filled with tips on how to create better images and videos Hanks for watching guys good