Canon's $11,799 Lens: 200-400 F4 Unbox and Sniff Test

Canon camera lenses

thing, this is the Canon 200 to 400 F4 with built-in 1.4 converter that could sell for 1,700,000 where's my - where's my cit-sheet, 1,179,900 pennies, that's expensive, a lot of pennies to spend. 

You can be picking them up off the street for a long time to save up for this, that's right, its a $11,799 for this bad boy that's in here. Than I already took out the box, because it would take way too long for me to do all this together, but it comes in this nice case, it better come in a nice case for price of a car. So, what I'm going to do is we're gonna look at it, we're gonna sniff it, we're gonna show you how the inner workings work with that 1.4 converter going in and going out, you have to remember that it is an F4, when you put that converter in, it becomes a 5.6, but remember that. We're gonna put it next to the Nikon to see the difference in size and we'll talk about the difference in price. 

So here we have it. We have this awesome 200 to 400 lens really, really expensive, boom, take it out of its case gently, move its case gently, we'll get FroVader in here in a minute to tell us what he thinks about it, but really, I expect this to be a lot heavier. Its not as heavy as I thought, obviously, it's built extremely well. Let's take a look at a serial number, this is number 150. There's not a lot of piece out there, obviously, so it's a zoom range you got 100 to 400, it's a fixed F4, but when you take off the lid right here and we move this switch right on the side, we go from the 1X, which is regular and then boom, 1.4, you can watch the optic move in and move out, you can see that on the screen right now. What's cool about the glass that's used in the 1.4 converter part is, this is from what I was told from Canon is that it's paired, so the same class if they make the lens from, they are making the 1.4 converter from, this is a fantastic and revolutionary design. 

To have a converter built right in that does not take up much more space, it just has this sexy lady lamp right here on the side, my humps, my sexy lady 1.4 converter humps, right here, pops-in pops-out, by the way you can drop-in filters right here, you got your drop-in filter, right now there is something in there how to turn it aside to make sure that actually glass, put this thing back in, without doing anything wrong. Let me do this carefully. There we go, don't get yelled at, I would have not if I would have [Inaudible] [0:02:57]. Oh boy, I am excited about this lens, ProVader here at Allen's Camera, because it 200 to 400, so amazing, but I wanna try one thing, the lightsaber test. I know its blue, it's not supposed to be, it supposed to be red, okay. Nice, it's like a half lightsaber, if you could win a fight with something like this big, izzoom, izzoom, yeah I think I'd win, but yeah, if I am shooting some contest, I put on tattooing, I don't think time is there on tattooing, but if I'm out there shooting imperial walker's on assignment, I would use a lens like this, so that I can hide far away and get some really really nice pictures, but that's what I think. Lets get back to Jared to wrap it up. 

By the way these are in-stock at Allen's Camera and they may even have one for a rental, if you are looking for one, just give them a call first to see if they have it available for rent. This would be fantastic for shooting sports, its gonna be fantastic for shooting birds and animals. If you are traveling and you don't want to take up 2, sorry wow I was stuttering, if you don't take a 400 2.8 that is huge and heavy and really, really heavy, you have this option right here, now I personally love shooting those 400 2.8 at 2.8 or 3.2, because of way that the Boca feels, I don't know how this one feels, I haven't used it, but I can only imagine how sharp this lens is, it's very nice, but remember that the fixed once the 400's, the 300's, the 600's they're going to be a little sharper because there are no moving objects inside, in this case you have zooming going on, so that is where you may run into some differences in image quality, who knows if it's a lot to notice, but these are great Olympic lenses if you shooting any kinda sport, auto racing, horse riding and if you're doing whatever. 

So, I think it's fantastic. Oh yeah, that's an awesome smell, Rob awesome smell buddy. Oh Rob is clapping, thank you. It's you know - it has that amazingly new car smell. Now like a Davao, because technically this is cheaper - more expensive than a Davao was, you can buy one - get one free of those for like was at like $7000 for Davao, Rob? Something like that? Oh and it wasn't even on FlexPay, but let's get up the Nikon next to it, the 200 to 400 Nikon and what do we see right here, it's pretty much the same exact lens. They have the same exact height. I think that the Canon wins on the thickness level. It's a little thicker, has more girth then the Nikon, but the girth is coming from its sexy lady lumps on the side that goes ahead puts at 1.4 converter in there. Oh yeah, $11,799 and Marlena how much for the 200 to 400? $67 49 for the Nikon version. You don't get the building converter, those are things you need to weigh your options, but look, if I was to try to figure out the combination that I would want to use, I'd buy one of these Canon's and I'd buy a 1dx because you can afford it, if you're buying a lens like this and I go out and have fun all day long, because this is a New Orleans, I would think that the Canon version is gonna be better than the Nikon, but I've never shot both of them together to tell you what they really are, which one is better, but I'd go for this with the built-in 1.4 converter because have the ability that that gives you to capture the images in almost any situation. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Let's put this back down. I want to thank ProVader for coming out and giving us his opinion. I wanna thank Allen for letting me un-box this and really, it is it is sweet. I would love to go out and shoot this. I can't wait to get the opportunity to do so.