BEST Lenses for DSLR Video!

These are the best lenses for DSLR video in my opinion now let me preface this with a little something I am a big fan love the one man band the filmmaker that does it all and we talk a lot about that in the front nose for a guided DSLR video so these lenses in particular I think are best suited for that solo independent filmmaker that one man band also in the guy and I stress that I'm a big fan of zoom lenses for DSLR video to be able to get the shot zoom in recompose in get your neck shot and keep it movin is the best so all three have my personal mustache for DSLR filmmakers are all zoom lenses let's take a look so the first ones I want to talk about is the 24 to 72 point 8 and make a note that all the lens amber show you are all fixed 2.8 apertures they hold throughout the whole zoom that's really important to make sure that you don't have to adjust your ISO or adjust your lighting whenever you zoom in and out I think that's a really beneficial.  canon camera and video

When you're trying to keep it movin as a one-man band this is a great mid-range zoom lens and it was the first lens that I bought to replace my kit lens if they were course in its a great mid-range zoom to get you some nice wide in nice close-ups and I would recommend this for anybody looking to invest in their first good piece of glass next we have a 70-200 also 2.8 fixed aperture is a telephoto lens and as some point you're going to want to get closer to your subject are you might want your camera me farther away so you can get your background little more compressed have a little more Boca and when that time comes this is a good good option this is the second lens that I purchased an I use that all the time I even read it this lens quite a bit prior to purchasing it because it was such a great land such a great look very cinematic we use this for a movie that we shall with all DSLR's the 70-200 was the majority of our shots it just has a great great look to it it's the natural step up from the 24-70 

Another great thing about this lens that has image stabilization so when you're shooting those long shots it cuts down on any shake that might happen other brands are the 24-70 also have image stabilization so that's attractive you you may want to look at a couple other brands for that so one thing to take note of and something that took me a minute to wrap my head around are the minimum focus distance is on the 24 to 70 in the 7200 how they differentiate and basically the minimum focus distance is how close you can get your lens to your subject and still be able to get that subject in focus I naturally thought that the 70-200 would automatically be able to get closer than the 24-70 and that's not the case and I'll show you some footage here when I was doing the shooting FDR skatepark I was trying to get the skateboard in the foreground an the subject in the background iraq focus between the two but with the 70-200 I just could not get what I wanted I could get a frame that I couldn't get the composition I was looking for because I couldn't get close enough to the skateboard and retain the focus. 

so a change over the 24-70 and boom you can see that I was able to get the shot I was looking for an is a much better shot that's really something to keep in mind in it took me a minute to wrap my brain around it but I think it's important to point out so 7200 highly recommend it like it a lot let's move on to the next one here and we've got this 16 235 again and fixed it 2.8 just actually purchased this to complete my try force love love zoom lenses here like this a lot especially for your establishing shot now why shot that you wanna get to establish your scene nothing worse than being in a small room in you just can't get the shot because you can get a wide enough that's when you pull out a lens like this and you can get the shot also I love this lens for music videos and extreme sports nothing better than having that big a wide shot have your subject get all close have been the camera get a little bit a bend on the edges really cool look something that I know you've seen before you get that with the wide angle lens like this also I love putting a wide angle lens on anything that's giving me camera movement I'm I put it on a crane or slider or a glide camp it tends to reduce the shake in it also tend to emphasize the movement and the space you're moving around and I love using a wide angle lens with all my camera movement so there you have it 16-35 2.8. 

I love this lens so happy that I've been able to complete my trifecta %uh lenses for DSLR video now obviously these are all Canon lenses but nikon has the same kinda lenses I think on the wide angle side the Nikon has a 14 to 24 which is a little wider and I'm jealous and that but there's also less expensive options out there you could go with a Tamron or Sigma lens and in still get the zoom range is add a fixed 2.8 aperture and I think those are great options I will look into all those if you're trying to do what I've done and grab some lenses like these one last thing I want to bring up it don't forget you don't have to buy all these lenses a one-time you could rent these lenses for a job and try em out see how they work within your workflow a great opportunity don't forget rentals are a great option so the first question you might ask is why not primes all prices are great and they're usually a little bit sharper but they are quite an investment if you're trying to go from a 14 millimeter to 200 that that's going to be quite an investment to get that whole range options at your disposal where I can kinda get the same thing with three lenses here another thing to think about is changing lenses every time you wanna gifford get a different shot can really slow down your production and time is money and even forget about the money think about your momentum if you're if you're interviewing a client and he's giving you everything you need it so wonderful interviewees on fire and the like a hole on. 

I gotta change lenses I gotta move my camera gotta rearrange this and that and have her for bill you've gotta focus ring on your lands the poor focused net then you gotta change that and it's just that TDs operation where you're going to slow things down in New May here lose momentum with your client something to think about especially as a one-man band so with all that being said I prefer Sims that's just me now if you still want to go at the prime route and you're on a budget that's definitely a place where you would look into renting prime lenses are so that's that but now I have some honorable mentions some lenses that I used quite a bit before I got these lenses the first 1i want to talk about is this tended 22 ETFs lands from Canon II absolutely love this lens I am beat this lens to death using it on my 60d I've had friends put this on their red camera and got great results with it it's a wonderfully wide lens I'm nikon has something similar further DX cameras as well and if you've got a crop sensor camera I'd really recommend this as your wide angle lens it is a variable aperture lens and I believe it's a 3.5 24.5 

yes so you're going to have to adjust your light when you zoom in an hour but it's not so bad highly recommend it check it out if you're looking for a great wide angle lens the other thing that folks talk about a fifty millimeter the Nifty 50 may be the one point for the 1.8 I'm actually using that to shoot this right now because I've obviously got my go to lenders here on the desk and I don't have multiples love them cuz I don't have it like that sell fifty millimeter the Nifty 50 it's a great little ants it shark grain low light and it's got a shallow depth of field what else could you ask for the one thing to note especially be shooting a 1.4 is that it's best suited for a stationary subject polling focus at 1.4 1.8 can be difficult and the one thing about the fifty kinda led me to not use it as much is that I would have to keep moving the camera for different coverage to get a wide-eyed at the pool back to get a closer by that the pushin so while it's a great little lands it's those things that made me tend to gravitate towards zoom lenses more often than not and that brings me to my last honorable mention and that is the almighty kit lens this is my ETFs 18 the 135 that I had on my 60d and I use this thing all the time great little lands the one thing to make know is that they're basically jack of all trades master of none they do a lot of things pretty good is 0 18 21 35 so that's a pretty good arrange but it's a little less sharp and seventies more expensive models also this is a variable aperture this is 3.5 25.6 anytime 
I would assume in a row with this lens I would have to adjust my life but if you're like me when I started in a kit lens is your only lands no worries you can get some great video from this lens especially outdoors so do not hang your head in shame shoot with pride you will get great video out Nov a kit lens so there you have it those are the best lenses for DSLR video in my opinion 24 to 70 7200 16 to 35 all a 2.8 and I highly recommend these for the independent filmmaker who operates as a one-man band like I do quite often as well so let me know what you think the best lenses are for DSLR video do you agree with me do you disagree let me know what you think and if you are interested in DSLR video and editing we talk a lot about that here on this channel so hit the subscribe button and stay in the loop talk to you soon hey if you are an aspiring DSLR filmmaker be sure to check out the photos photo guy to DSLR video I teamed up with Jerry polling for pros photo to put together a six-hour comprehensive video guide on using your DSLR camera for video we cover all the basics all the fundamentals we also take you out under four real world video shooting show you how it's all put into practice it's very cool in a mighty way you're looking for if this sounds like something you're interested in click the link and check it out for yourself thanks