Best Camera Bag For Travel

So if you gotta travel for a video production what kind of bags do you use to keep your gear Safe to keep your stuff organize I'm gonna talk about what I use and some of my favorite bags And my travel gear in this video Hey what's up guys Sean here with think media tv helping you further faster in media and today I just want to go through the gear that I travel with specifically domestic flights And anything that I talk about in this video and even stuff I forget I'll put into the YouTube description and the show notes below so check those out at anytime during the video so when I travel I gotta bring my camera bodies DSLR lenses accessories and a lot of times I also want to bring some lighting light stands tripods a mono pod love shooting in a monopod and then I gotta bring my clothes and then I bring laptop and extra gear just stuff to travel with in general so I usually travel with four bags south west is the best this video isn't sponsored al thought I wish it was south west if you ever see this.

I could use some free flights but I just love south west because bags fly free and that just means you know more money in my pocket or you know what ever it is what ever job that im doing so I travel with four bags the first is think tank airport security 2.0 and we'll go into that the second is a studio pro and I just shoot a video on this bag super cool really big but this is where the tripod and light stands go now I'll put a YouTube card up and you can check out details about this bag I have an old Walmart already unpacked and put some stuff we are at a shoot right now in San Diego this is where I put my clothes in the lowest quality bags is the bags for the clothes but don't cheap out for the gear and then I have an airport think tank urban disguise that I got a video editing laptop Toshiba and this is what I bring on the plan and so when I travel I check the studio pro because it's a lither bag with even the tripods and stuff I keep it under fifty pounds and then I check actually my clothes bag and if it's a longer trip I just size this up but this is a short trip so I just check that and then I put the laptop bag under the sit and this bag is insane I mean the amount of stuff you can fit in here and still get it to fit under the sit is pretty amazing and slide that guy under the sit and the the think tank airport security is the largest bag that they have that meets the TSA requirements to fit the over head band.

And so I use this and then I can keep camera bodies lenses with me on the flight so let's just quickly get into what's in the bags so let's give a quick overview and at some point I'll go in more depth in what's in my bag but for this trip this is what we have in this front pocket I always put all of our 6D and 60 batteries hey cali kid I have one of your batteries that's John Mariana everybody check him out and I keep those in there and then I keep doble As triple As nine volts in the side pocket in the main compartment here I just threw some stuff in just for this trip not necessarily everything I roll with a couple extra pieces and what not I travel with a G7X but I keep an s120 as a backup in case the G7X goes down for just extra vlog footage or photos and things like that then I got the Rode mic we're actually using that right now got all the lens filters and adapters for lens filters cool stuff like ND filters and a feather ND and stuff like that got our filter for LED lights I use the cheap ones if you've never seen my its on the best and cheapest lighting I'll link it up super light and cheap light system that's great for taking on the road I've got that stuff in here John's shooting with the 60D right now so the 60D body and the 11 -16 Tokina lens That's what you're seen this on right now But then go with our mic set up so we do a lot of interview stuff got a couple of the mics and the receivers rather the transmitters for those mic in there this is a 6D couple of lenses the 30 mm 1-4 on the road with us got the 17 -50 Tamron both of these are crop sensor lenses so they'll work on the 60D got a crop sensor fisheye the sigma 8mm for cool artistic shoots.

And then I got an 85 1.4 manual Rokinon lens cool and that we use for portraits or for video I got a video out on that I love it because its super cheap for how good it is and how fast it is 1.4 and then the 51 2 the bread and butter usually roll with that on the 6D for just the killer combination on interviews and things like that and then got the 70 to 200 sigma with image stabilization this is an awesome lens so this is actually one of the most recent additions game changer for events without too many events not able to get close enough shots or just different shots good for city stuff we were just in LA we were trying to shoot some kind of shoots of the city and all kinds of different composer lengths its really nice to have a long lens like that and then pretty much lastly like we'll throw little pieces in part so we can gear up the top of the camera up here a backup zoom h1 just for using audio back up we do back up audio tape it to a chair or something so there's always a backup another piece and then lastly in here is going to be a Zoom H 4N and then the wireless lapel mics transmitters and receivers and then that's also what works with the hand held mics so for audio we are pretty much set no matter what in any situation no matter what it is so this makes for a pretty on the road set up and the whole thing is portable is with me the whole time there's a lot of gear in here and so it doesn't leave my side I got a few times they've said that bag is too big and they still said is too big and then they check it but they check it right at the gate and so hopefully nobody gets their hands on it there Alright next is the think tank urban disguise this bag has been treating me nice for years I need to stitch this up again It's definitely seen some road wear a lot of the times I'll put an iPad right in here I didn't bring it this trip This is a great pocket this is how I roll through the airport or where I gotta go and this right here is like your think tank empire and so I love having that great place.

For business cards the fact that this bag fits such a large laptop is awesome got that in there and then it depends on what I travel with in here headphones that will monitor audio later but just listen to the ipod you know sleeping mask boombox Bluetooth speaker so we have music when we are in the room later G7X battery external hard drive always roll with the g7x in there I don't know where it is somewhere else in the room now book for reading on the plane secrets leaders keep and then there's just great pockets there's pockets in here this are very adjustable you can put your camera bodies and lenses sometimes I just roll with this I throw different things in there oh so there's the G7X so this is the running gun you don't have to get anything else you got something with you to shoot video clips photos as you know canon g7x awesome camera there's a whole other section that actually don't even use that often but in here I'll put pens for writing scripts and get stuff done like a lint roller so you can get all your shooting done with all the gear and then build out a work station with laptop and I love to travel with a mouse pad and mouse headphones.

so that you can be editing right on the road and get whatever you need done im not gonna show you my clothes bag because who cares but the studio pro here is what I'll throw in here now one of the things that I do to get the studio pro and I'll link up the whole video to the review of this bag but one of the reasons why I bring everything is because I need the bag to be full the bag is kind of too big to have things just rattling around and so I bring kind of a lot of stuff to overkill on this trip and then I packed the whole pack with stuffing because its not really a hard case meant for whatever we are using it for but anyways getting the stuffing out first this bag right here is going to be the LED lights as we talked about this neewer 160 these are great because you can buy extra batteries for these and you've got your LED lights extra batteries for those and then light stands for the LED set up this trip we are going to do some photos so I brought flash that we may use the 580 EX 2 and a diffuser I know John brought some stuff too but I just kinda threw that stuff in there I'd like just having this bag to just throw extra stuff as I'm packing home I say you gotta bring your charger you gotta bring what ever whatever and then we travel with two main tripods I love this Manfrotto it's one of the ones that one of the most important things besides a video head ball where you can level out the shot no matter what lengths the legs are I love those.

And so I forget what model this is 5 I don't know I'll put it on the so got a tripod got another Manfrotto one of the biggest things that I love is these quickly set system form Manfrotto and I'll put that on the screen and I'll link this up these are across everything and so literally there on the 72 -202 so that lens could sit on the tripod on every body but working with somebody else John's working with me I'll put you can put these on his cameras and so everything is quickly interchangeable rapid release system from tripod or monopod and that's really cool extra monopod lighting stand this is like a treasure chest of stuffing always gotta roll with the gorilla pod because you never know with what's gonna happen on time I actually connected this to the head of a giant stuffed giraffe and it made like a really cool light stand cause we don't have any lighting stands and we don't you gotta use a draft and then the famous well known Manfrotto monopod video monopod love this guy shot a lot on that and then lastly a lot of times I'll throw in this is like tools like pieces that you can extend you know hot shoes cold shoes flashlights and that's about it then repack in this a lot of fun because of all the stuffing but the stuffing does kinda keeps the bag intact keeps everything protected for this being check bagged hey so thanks so much for checking out this video make sure to subscribe to Think Media TV for more video reviews tech reviews tip tricks everything to do with this kinda stuff and let me know what you thought about this video what do you use any of this stuff what do you like to travel with you have any questions I would love to connect with you in the comments and if you have any video ideas or things you'd like to see maybe specifically even turned it into it's own video let me know down there make sure you hit the like button if you appreciated this video and check out show notes and links in the description below anything I forgot extra thoughts details about this stuff will be in the YouTube description thanks again for checking out this video and look forward to connecting on the next one until then keep crushing it keep smashing it and we will talk soon I got batteries got a lot of batteries got a lot of people trying to this is.